This is perhaps, the hardest addition to the Attic... it is one I create with a heavy heart and tears. With the passing of our dear friend MC (McBlaster) I realized there was a need to keep our cherished members with us, and a duty not to let their memory fade. Chatters and posters both, come and go, but when one logs out for that final time, it leaves a hole in our hearts.
After some discussion with those closest to MC, it was decided that Memory Grotto should be created to honor his memory, and those who may follow.
  9/21/1951 - 1/16/ 2008           'MC' Mcblaster ~  Member

 1/11/ 1989 - 6/30/2008            NAC                      ~  Junior Member

 9/11/1958 - 10/5/2008             Amshykat            ~ Co-founder 3 Paws Saloon

 4/13/1950 - 10/9/2009         ' CT ' CharlieTango  ~  Founding Member
 ?/?/???? -  05/?/2010           Souix                      ~  Member, Manager of the Dartboard
                                  2011                     Bev                              Member, Manager of the Canadian Den

Welcome, come on in and stay awhile!

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