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Trespauze Manor is now up and running with all kinds of additional ghoulish mayhem. The manor itself, has undergone some changes. I dare say a repeated visit would probably expose a few secrets never before seen. Although to my knowledge no one has ever discovered all 23 rooms and uncovered all the secrets hidden within. Then we have the newly added 'grounds' to the Manor;
*Loss Mine has been receiving very favorable reviews. Exploring a haunted abandoned mine with nothing but a flashlight ~ deliciously frightful!
*The 13th Hour is a collection of spine tinglers written by yours truly and a RSS feed from YourGhostStories (true tales of the paranormal).
*Ghastly Tunes: Lots of crypt kicking music to help get your scare on is stuffed in this jukebox.
* Trick Or Treat : Never too old are we?
Stop in and take a peek or two or three! You never know what the spirits may have been up to!

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